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In light of continuing uncertainties over the evolution of the pandemic and governments’ lockdown measures (in particular, the recent decision by the UK government to require visitors from overseas to spend two weeks in quarantine), the organizing committee has concluded that the conference cannot take place physically in Cambridge this year. While this is a very disappointing decision, we are committed to transferring the conference onto an online format.

We are envisaging a primarily live conference, but with presentations shorter than in previous years, and based on working papers of 2,000 to 2,500 words, submitted by panellists ahead of the conference, for sharing on a dedicated and password-protected online platform for panellists and participants. During the conference sessions with three paralell-running panels, one hour each, half the time will be for speakers to give brief presentations of ten minutes each, with the other half devoted to a live Q&A session.We believe that this would be a great way to maintain the crucial in-person element of the conference without imposing impractical Zoom marathons on any of the participants.

Further details on the format and ways of interaction throughout the conference proceedings are communicated to panellists, chairs and registered participants via email and this website in the relevant sections.

We look forward to welcoming you virtually to our conference in a few days!